Sunday, July 17, 2011


You know that cute song that Ella Fitzgerald sings? I'm feeling like it is just too darn hot to do anything right now. This morning Bryant and I braved the humidity in our apartment by quickly making pancakes and bacon and then running back to our air-conditioned bedroom to eat breakfast in bed.

When we moved into this apartment is was March and boy oh boy, was it a cold March. This winter was especially long! We didn't really take into consideration the fact that our new apartment didn't have A/C until we returned from our honeymoon the first week in June. We went to Target on the first hot day just to walk around in the air conditioning and actually considered buying the only window unit they had left on the shelf (which was probably the most expensive unit and likely way too big for our window).

Fortunately, my wonderful family donated their extra A/C window unit to the cause! We have a tiny little window in our bedroom and this thing couldn't have fit any more perfectly. I am pretty sure the guy from our apartment maintenance department rolled his eyes when we asked him to install it in that window instead of a larger one. Thanks to a few screws and a little elbow grease, we've had a cool and comfortable sleeping area on these hot days!

Right now in that cruel, hot world, 99º F with 80º F dew point means it is very, very uncomfortable out there (but very nice in here!):

Stay cool, Minnesota!

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